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Apr 11, 2017

Graham Barnes is Shine’s Senior Trainer and coordinates the DVFREE workplace project. Trained as a teacher, Graham has a BSW, and has worked to stop domestic violence for 30 years. In Aotearoa/NZ, he set up the first men’s stopping violence programmes, then worked on a national inter-agency pilot in Hamilton, based on the world-leading Duluth model. Moving to Minnesota in 2001, he worked in Duluth, then in Auckland with Shine, developing a workplace domestic violence project. In May 2016 he returned from 13 years of national technical assistance work for the Battered Women’s Justice Project in US.

About Shine

Shine was founded in 1990, and since then it has grown to become the largest domestic abuse prevention service that is registered as a charitable trust in New Zealand.

Shine is an acronym that stands for Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday.“The name of the organisation is hopeful, optimistic and positive, reflecting its values, objectives and services. It conveys the attitude of the people who work in the organisation and what it achieved. These are tough times and family violence is a grim issue – on both counts, the country needs to feel that a light is shining on a terrible problem and that some brightness is coming.”

Apr 3, 2017

For most of Doug's life, he was a victim of my his thinking. Being diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities as a child, he thought he had a good excuse. He was told he wasn't stupid, he just didn't learn like the other kids.

As a result, Doug puts 100% of his focus on basketball. He had a great high school career but struggled in college due to, well, excuses. That all changed when he crossed paths with Sarah (his academic advisor) who disrupted his pattern and caused him to take a deeper look at himself and what he was capable of. That semester, he went from a 1.4 to a 3.4 and never looked back.

He have dedicated his life to giving others the same gift Sarah gave him.

In 2014, his wife and him founded Kendall Douglas LLC. The company gives them the ability to Speak, Coach and train people to realize their best self.

In 2015, Doug became a certified Dale Carnegie instructor and facilitate the Skills for Success course in the Raleigh/Durham market. Dale Carnegie Training has been instrumental in his personal development and it is an honor to watch people's life change as they interact with the course.

In 2016, he was honored to give his 1st TEDx Talk in Raleigh, NC. Having the opportunity to share his personal story of mentorship has made him even more intentional as he pursue his mission.
Doug is also the Director of Training for MEGA Group USA & curator of The MEGA Business Academy. With over 1700 retail members, MEGA is dedicated to helping independent retailers in the Furniture, Appliance and Bedding industry thrive.

Doug's Website:

Snapchat: @DougStewart919

Mar 28, 2017

Nige Atkinson, author of the forthcoming book Odd Man Out: Breaking The Vow of Male Silence, firmly believes that every man is whole and has the right to feel and express all of his emotions, despite the toxic vow of silence that men everywhere are living under today.

Nige has over 20 years’ experience of breaking the vow of male silence in his own life and in that time he has become a skilled and experienced facilitator of support groups and workshops. Nige is also a champion natural bodybuilder, a keen method actor and an enthusiastic fish keeper. He lives in Sussex, England, with his wife Elloa and their rescue West Highland White Terrier, Molly Miracle.

An article you might want to check out which he wrote for Good Men Project:

If you haven't seen the Netflix documentary The Mask You Live In, it's a great synopsis of the issues men face, although we didn't feel it provided much of a solution.

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Mar 20, 2017

Jason Goldberg: How putting fake tattoos on strippers as a kid taught him to live a not so serious life

What does an award-winning entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, a baconatarian (thats a vegetarian who still eats bacon), a funky sock lover, a former rapper (who opened for the Wu-Tang Clan - YES, really!) and a previously 332lb man (who has since lost over 130lbs despite his affinity for bacon) have in common?

They are all the same guy!

Jason “JG” Goldberg is a geek, turned entrepreneur, turned international speaker, educator, best-selling author and the Founder and Chief Humor-izer at Not-So-Serious University (

After spending nearly 15 years in technology, followed by co-founding an award-winning executive transportation company and then serving as CEO of a technology commercialization firm in partnership with NASA, JG decided that there was something more he could be doing to make an impact in people’s lives and businesses.

He now blends his love of personal growth, comedy (and sometimes even rap music), with his speaking, training and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses and pee their pants from laughter (...okay maybe not literally on that last one, but no judgment if it happens).

JG brings the Aha’s and the Haha’s to thousands of aspiring and inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and groups every year to create the mindset and the skill set to become powerful Self-Leaders, be more prosperous, have more fun and create a bigger impact in the world!

JG is also the author of the #1 International Best-Seller on (SELF) Leadership: “Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your Life” (

You can connect with him and probably see way more pictures of his pit bull Lola than you’d like at and at

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Mar 14, 2017

In this episode, I have a personal conversation with the powerful Rich Litvin.

Rich is an expert at taking high-achievers to the greatest levels of success. His clients are high performers. They are often powerful women. They have a bias for action, a track record of success and of doing daring work.

Rich believes that you are confident, successful, powerful. You are driven to make a difference, to make a contribution. You achieve at the highest levels. You have a cause to fight, you’re putting your stake in the ground because you have a compelling drive to step up.

He is the Founder of The Confident Woman’s Salon and The High-Achieving Introvert Project. He is also the co-author of The Prosperous Coach. He leads an online learning community for coaches, called Evercoach.

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Mar 7, 2017

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Dr Robert Glover.

In a twist of fate, I first met Dr Glover on a flight between LAX and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Dr Glover's new home. We chatted for a while before he told me that he was the author of one of my favourite books, No More Mr Nice Guy! The book is a must read for any guys that have what Dr Glover calls "The nice guy syndrome". Guys that appear nice and friendly on the outside but are really not that nice deep down. 

In this episode we take a deep dive into Dr Glover's life as a minister, a marriage counsellor and psychotherapist who has transformed the lives of people all over the world. Dr Glover gives deep insights into some of his own personal challenges as well as a candid look into his dark side.

Dr. Glover is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Through his book, online classes, workshops, podcasts, blogs, consultation, and therapy groups, Dr. Glover has helped change the lives of countless men and women around the world.
As a result of his work, Dr. Glover has helped thousands of Nice Guys transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males. Along with these personal changes have come similar transformations in these men's professional careers and intimate relationships.
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Mar 1, 2017

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Tom Fitzsimons This is the first time Tom and I have ever spoken and I was enthralled from the first word. Tom's is a wonderful story teller and his ability to succinctly tell stories from his life made this conversation so enjoyable.

In this conversation, Tom details the challenges of growing up at the height of the sectarian violence of Northern Ireland in the 1970's. His story are equally shocking and moving. Understandably, hatred and racism were installed in him at a young age and it expressed as anger and violence throughout his early life. After moving to England in 1986, Tom's story was further filled with tragedy when his father passed away leaving him as the man of the house at age 13. Tom turned to alcohol to feel better and has battled with an alcohol addiction for most of his life.

Having gained sobriety in 2007, Tom developed a keen interest in distance running and in April 2010 completed the Marathon des Sables, running 250km through the Sahara desert. Then, over the summer of 2013 Tom made an epic journey running across the USA coast to coast from San Francisco to New York. He travelled over 3000 miles in 100 days.  He started ‘Run4Sobriety’ on 20th May and completed it on Coney Island, New York on 27th August 2013, the anniversary of his 6th Year of Sobriety.

Tom is now an international inspirational speaker who has shared his story with schools, business and sports teams across Europe.  Tom also works as a personal trainer, coach and mentor to athletes and business leaders in the UK. Having been on a journey of recovery for almost a decade, Tom has also built a reputation for being a “no excuses” addiction coach.  Tom has created a formula that will allow his clients to be challenged about their past, put in charge of their present and reconnected to their future.

WARNING: Tom's story contains emotional stories of violence and recovery from alcohol addiction.

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Feb 22, 2017

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful James Butler. James and I met a few months ago and I was immediately struck by his strong, masculine presence. Then I started to speak with him. What I discovered was this deeply loving, caring man with a powerful desire to help people find their true purpose.

In this conversation, James explains how he’s always had these two side to him. On one hand, he was walking around school with a full sleeve tattoo at age 16 and on the other hand there was this deeply sensitive, artistic side. He struggled with a learning disability in school which forced him to excel in arts and physical fitness. These traits led him to believe that the best value he could provide to the world was simply putting his body in harms way. So, he joined the military at the height of the Afghanistan conflict and become one of their most elite soldiers.

After an accident left James as a shadow of his former self, he was forced to question everything he’d believed and truly recreate himself. He developed a new program called Reclaiming Warrior where he helps high-influence executives, rising entrepreneurs, and fast growing visionary companies to achieve their extraordinary projects and realize impossible visions.

Warning: James’ story will move you and motivate you.

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Feb 14, 2017

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Brendan Baker.

After a near death experience when he was a kid, Brendan decided to live life to the fullest. He rose to the top of the corporate ladder, becoming the youngest person to ever be on the extended leadership team (those that report directly to the Directors) for Australasia and was part of the Human Resources Leadership Team. Eventually he decided he wanted to lead a more meaningful life so he launched his own business (The Start of Happiness) where he helps people find their passion and purpose whilst learning how to make an income from it!

In this conversation we talk about everything from the secrets to happiness, how school is overrated and why you don't need an MBA and Brendan gives me an insight into what it takes to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Feb 9, 2017

In this episode, we're live and unedited from Liberia, West Africa where I have a personal conversation with the powerful Simon Crowe! 

Simon is a beautiful human that brings groups of people to Liberia to help them understand themselves at a deeper level and reconnect with their humanity. He first visited Liberia in 2014 when he fell in love with the beautiful lush rainforests and the wonderful smiles and welcomes from the local Liberians. Liberia has been struggling to recover from a long civil war leaving it as one of the poorest nations in the world and also one of the most corrupt. More recently, the country was hit hard by the Ebola crisis. 

I was lucky to be led by Simon over 10 days as we explored rural villages and met hundreds of beautiful people that are starved of all the things that we take for granted. Clean water, showers, electricity, regular meals and even love and connection. We also met inspiring leaders that want to change the face of Liberia and see it prosper for future generations. I'm so grateful to Simon for brining me to this wonderful country. He helped me see that I had a real fear of connecting with people and has guided me to open my heart and connect with strangers on a level I never thought possible. This is truly a remarkable man and I'm so excited to have him on the show.

In this episode we talk deeply about Simon's passion and love for Liberia, his desire to build a school in one of the communities here and some of the challenges and conflicts that come from being in a place such as this. 

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Jan 30, 2017

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Daniel Thomas. Daniel is a world class motivator, lifestyle designer and dietary strategist. He is exceptionally good at high performance coaching, as it pertains to diet and lifestyle. His mission is to help people heal their relationships with food and master themselves3. For the past seven years he's worked tirelessly to distill the simple principles of mastering your diet, taking control of your health, and evolving your lifestyle into one you’re proud of. 

In this conversation, we discuss Daniel's crazy life journey that eventually brought him to coaching, my personal struggle with food and Daniel gives you all his best tips changing your relationship with food.

Check out Daniel's website -

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Jan 23, 2017
In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Michael Balchan. Michael is a Harvard-educated commodity trader and film producer turned executive coach, peak-performance consultant, and author. He supports leaders and teams in maximizing their potential, both personally and professionally, through custom-tailored programs that combine the most powerful methods and modalities of personal growth, psychology, performance science, physiology, wellness, and the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.
Michael's a self-described "spiritual prankster" who has traveled to 6 of the 7 continents (Antartica's next), studying life and culture as it manifests around the globe. He recently committed to supporting 5% of the world's population in developing a mindfulness practice, and is working towards creating a more enlightened, empowered, and continued future for humanity. All while having shit-loads of fun in the process.
In this conversation we discuss Michael's journey from Harvard to Options trading, how he was eventually fired from that job and why he wrote his book "Meditation: What, Why and How to Meditate.
Michael's free gift to you:
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Jan 15, 2017

In this episode I have a conversation with the powerful Sam Johnson. Sam is the co-founder of the Student Volunteer Army which was one of the shining lights of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake. In 2011 he won a leadership award from the Sir Peter Blake Trust and in 2012 was voted Young New Zealander of the year. He has hosted a string of international icons and celebrities in Christchurch, most notable being the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Sam travels the world speaking about volunteering and disaster relief and has recently started a new venture called We Visit which provides in home visits for the elderly. 

In this conversation we discuss some of Sam's regrets from the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake, how his grandparents found out he was gay via an article in the Listener and how he is dealing with his father's diagnosis of terminal cancer. 

Vote for my next 30 day self experiment at!

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Jan 2, 2017
My biggest lessons, insights and memories from 2016. In this episode, i'm doing something a little different! I'm a firm believer in conducting a full end of year review to remind yourself of all the things you have discovered, to take time to bask in the glory of your successes and learn from any challenges and shortcomings. That way, you can attack the new year with a clear vision of what worked and what didn't work for you last year.

So, i'm taking you step by step through the process I use to review my year. You'll hear all of the good, bad and ugly of my 2016 and hopefully pick up some of the tips and tricks that have made my life easier and more enjoyable as well. As a bonus, i've listed all of the references in the episode below.

Here are the resources in chronological order:

Ajit Nawalkha and MindValley -

Michael Balchan, End of Year review process -

Dr Robert Glover -

His book, No More Mr Nice Guy -

Tai Lopez (Book reading hack + 1/3 1/3 1/3 rule for human interactions) -

Holly Couch, Soul Purpose of Giving -

Mt Yasuo Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu -

Learning to Paramotor in Christchurch, New Zealand -

The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer -

My personal coach, Phil Drolet -

My food coach, Daniel Hind -

The MindValley EverCoach Summit -

Rich Litvin and The Rich Litvin Intensive -

His book, The Prosperous Coach -

Ramit Sethi and The ForeFront Event -

Michael Bernard Beckwith's course, Life Visioning. at MindValley -


Find me on the web:




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Dec 8, 2016

In this episode I have a conversation with the fascinating Colin Wright. Colin is an author, speaker, and podcaster that lives an exile lifestyle. You can learn more about Colin at this website

Nov 22, 2016

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful and inspiring, Marc Angelo Coppola. Marc is a social entrepreneur, a coach and the definition of what it means to be a citizen of the world. 

In this conversation we talk about what it was like to be raised Italian in Montreal, what it really takes to change the world and Marc reveals a little bit of his dark side.

You can learn all about Marc as well as receiving 13 of his best classes absolutely free at

Nov 17, 2016

In this episode I have a personal conversation with one of my friends, Lee Lynch! Lee is an airline pilot and personal trainer He is passionate about leading and empowering rofessionals to find their lost passion, drive and focus. You can find out all about Lee at his Facebook Page.

Nov 17, 2016

In this episode I have a personal conversation with one of my favourite men, Phil Drolet! Phil is a high performance coach that works with CEO's, MMA fighters and other powerful men to help them reach their highest potential. He has a popular TED Talk entitled "Why entrepreneurs are slowly killing themselves" and he recently launched a new website at